Normalizing the Breech Delivery
Video by Valerie El Halta and Rahima Baldwin Dancy, CPM

1987; 36 min.; $59.95 + S&H; VHS.

In our technological age, breech presentation has become a mandate for surgical delivery. Neither doctors nor midwives have been taught how to assist at a vaginal breech delivery. But at last we have a practical, safe guide to learn from. In their video, Valerie and Rahima, nationally recognized midwives, authors and educators, present such topics as: a breech scoring system to help evaluate risk for a vaginal delivery; detailed explanations of the normal breech labor and delivery using footage of a baby in a frank breech position; and key points for diagnosing and delivery of the frank breech using a doll and pelvis as a model. They explain and demonstrate in detail potential complications. Footage of a footling breech and discussion of special considerations and complicated issues are also included, as well as a discussion on various positions the mother can use.

This video is clear, understandable and riveting. It has the power to replace fear and doubt with knowledge and understanding. Valerie and Rahima are not rigid in their approach but truly want practitioners to know the mechanics and the heart of breech delivery. Their message comes through loud and clear, and paves the path to normalizing breech delivery.

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