Mothering Twins: From Hearing the News to Beyond the Terrible Twos
by Linda Albi, Deborah Johnson, Donna Florien Deurloo, Debra Catlin and Sheryll Greatwood

[1993, New York: Simon & Schuster; 414 pages, paperback.]

[Review first published in Midwifery Today Issue 39, Fall 1996, © 1996, Midwifery Today, Inc. Review by Jill Cohen.]

Here is an amazing tale of five women with twins and how they formed The Book Group to share and record all they knew about mothering multiples: the obstacles, trials and tribulations, and the many innovative changes that they made in their lives in order to adjust to their special situation. Having come from five different upbringings themselves, the mothers have different viewpoints, giving the reader a broad perspective on all subjects they discussed in their group.

With extensive content, 15 chapters cover diverse topics: finding out about having twins, working with the pregnancy, the birth experience, the first 24 months, establishing support systems, childcare, older children and twins, couple relationships, our own self, and perspectives from fathers. This book is packed with advice!

Linda Albi, who mothers two sets of twins, puts it into perspective as she writes, "I am encouraged by the fact that I’ve gone through this before, and I know, in order to endure, I have learned to keep an open mind and not fight against the many changes that have assailed me. I continue to grow along with my twins."

A thorough resource directory gives information on pregnancy and birth, prematurity, miscarriage, death of a child, child health and safety, breastfeeding, twin information services including twin equipment, parenting resources, and special needs child help services. There is also a good twins reading list.

These women encourage individuality in parenting twins. They encourage each mother to develop her own style and approach to parenting based on her needs and the needs of her children. Through this book, mothers of multiples can find a graceful path in which to nurture their families in a peaceful and happy manner.

Jill Cohen

Jill Cohen lives in Mill City, Oregon, with two of her four children. After 20 years as a lay midwife she returned to school to become an RN. She is currently working in a small rural hospital as a primary OB nurse. She was the associate editor of Midwifery Today magazine from 1990 to 2007.

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