Presenting Unexpected Outcomes: A Childbirth Educator's Guide
by Sherokee Ilse

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Sherokee Ilse has conceived five babies, only two of whom survived past birth. Her personal experiences with miscarriage, stillbirth, and ectopic pregnancy moved her to teach birth educators to realistically temper their tales of hard work followed by the joy of a perfect infant.

In Presenting Unexpected Outcomes, Ilse shares with educators the reasons and methods for bringing up this painful topic. It stands to reason that those who have experienced perinatal loss have the most insight to share. Knowing that it would be extremely difficult for a teacher to say "How could I have better prepared you for this excruciating disappointment?" to a couple who has been so devastated, Ilse takes the reader by the hand and advises birth educators how to teach so couples understand there are no guarantees.

There are specific activities to use in class, a few handouts to reproduce, and plenty of insight and practical advice.

For those who have already tested the waters of realistically discussing such topics, Presenting Unexpected Outcomes offers ways to improve these segments. For the novice, Ilse presents her information in such a way that even newcomers to the field should have no excuse for avoiding discussions of sick infants, stillbirths, SIDS and more.

Expectant couples tend to wear rosier and rosier glasses with each passing year. This guide will encourage educators to find ways to reach behind the facades and protective mechanisms and get closer to the reality awaiting each couple as they travel toward parenthood.