A Mother’s Circle
by Jean Kunhardt, MA, Lisa Spiegel, MA, and Sandra K. Basile

This easily read book lets the reader eavesdrop on a composite group of nine new mothers as they meet weekly to discuss their changing lives and concerns under the watchful eyes of professional parenting counselors.

Much like La Leche League (LLL) meetings in the range of views and topics covered, most of the information is up to date and even-handed. New moms can find commiseration and support; professionals can gain insight into current attitudes.

The failure to mention LLL and an overemphasis on "sleep training" notwithstanding, this is an overall good treatment of how moms come into their own as their lives change, and hopefully the observable benefits of belonging to any sort of mother-to-mother support group will bring more mothers out of their isolation. For those who are physically isolated, this book could also provide a form of vicarious support.

After almost twenty years of working as a perinatal educator, doula, and birth activist, reviewer Sue LaLeike has decided to leave teaching to others. She is now facing her own personal transition stage—nineteen college credits in chemistry and the other sciences—in order to be admitted to Miami-Dade Community College’s AS/Midwifery Degree program sometime in the next few years. She is also chairperson of the Education

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