No More Morning Sickness: A Survival Guide for Pregnant Women
by Miriam Erick

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Ask yourself this question: What food or beverage would ease your pregnancy-related nausea? Something salty, sour, bitter, tart, sweet, crunchy/lumpy, soft/smooth, mushy, hard, fruity, wet, dry, bland, spicy, aromatic, earthy, hot, cold, thin or thick?

Considering how common morning sickness is (it affects 50 percent to 90 percent of all pregnancies), I was happily amazed to find an entire book dedicated to this uncomfortable problem. Miriam addresses many views and strategies that can be used to offset this pesky problem.

The book gives information on the possible causes of morning sickness, its history, its physical and mental manifestations, and available resources from which to get help. Miriam has also included dietary suggestions and good recipes.

Chapter One begins with a thorough explanation of what morning sickness actually is, with a good look at feelings and how smells play a role. "Real Stories from Real Women" gives the reader a sense of purpose, and stories from fathers help to deal with issues on "the other side." The menu portion of the book is extensive, and contains good reference to calories, fat, cholesterol content, and protein as well as characteristics in regards to flavor, fiber content, bitterness, sweetness, etc.

This book is well researched and tastefully done. It's an excellent reference book for all pregnant women as well as a very useful book for practitioners' libraries.

Order this book from Amazon today!