Herbs, Helps, and Pressure Points for Pregnancy and Childbirth
by Katherine Tarr

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Drawing on her more than 18 years of practice, midwife Katherine Tarr has created an easy to read and use collection of tips to help make pregnancies healthier. The information she has gathered is useful to parents and practitioners alike. Guidelines for healthy eating and diet supplementation with herbs, vitamins, and minerals share space with information about helpful, little-known pressure points. A list of supplies for homebirth and chapters on troubleshooting common prenatal and postpartum problems broaden the book’s usefulness. Some items, such as recommending the ingestion of comfrey, may be more controversial now than when Tarr first compiled her suggestions.

The best use for this handy collection of tips is probably as an introduction to possible remedies. The price is very fair, considering the wide range of topics touched upon in this visit to Tarr’s storehouse of experience-based recommendations.