Healing Passage: A Suturing Manual for Midwives
by Anne Frye

Healing Passage: A Suturing Manual for Midwives

[1991, Video and manual. Currently out of print.]

[Review first published in Midwifery Today Issue 20, Winter 1991, © 1991, Midwifery Today, Inc. Review by Jill Cohen.]

Finally, a concise teaching duo to aid midwives’ course of suture education. This manual and companion video are quintessential Anne Frye—clear, organized, and thorough in her approach to suturing. The step by step lessons, along with the visual demonstration in the video demystify the ways women are put together—and how to put them back together. Not only for the novice; experienced midwives will learn a few new tricks, too.

Repeated study of this course will greatly enhance midwives’ supervised hands-on training. Of particular interest is Frye’s detail of the strategies for prevention of tearing in the first place. This is a perfect introduction to good care and management. Video reinforcement makes this combination not to be missed.

Reviewer Jill Cohen is Associate Editor at Midwifery Today magazine and the editor of The Birthkit.

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