Diary of a Midwife
by Juliana van Olphen-Fehr

book cover

"All mothers remember the births of their children. A memory, conscious or not, stays with them for the rest of their lives."

If we can remember only that, then we can continue to commit ourselves to making birth the best possible experience for women everywhere.

There is a great need for change in America’s birthing system. The power of birth has been stripped from women by an overzealous medical establishment and the technocrats and pharmaceutical and insurance companies that drive it. Juliana Van Olphen-Fehr speaks the truth both as a mother who experienced the system and as an obstetrical nurse and certified nurse-midwife on the front lines of hospital birth.

This book demonstrates great courage. It gives an accurate account of issues we face in modern-day birth: separation of mother and child and the distress it creates; inadequate prenatal care due to lack of money and lack of workable systems for pregnant women; exorbitant fees charged by doctors and hospitals which could be avoided if more midwives were allowed to provide care. As well, Diary of a Midwife tells us what is really going on in the hospitals. It explains why homebirth can be an option, the differences in care between hospital and home, and the politics of and barriers to midwifery care in this country.

I was mesmerized by the power of Juliana’s observations and insights. So much of what I believe in and strive for in my own practice is present in this work. As Juliana describes her own birth experiences, she instills new strength and resolve to fight for all women and babies so that they may have an empowered birth. I was rejuvenated and newly determined. I can’t thank Juliana enough for sharing the truth and stimulating us to action. This fascinating book will inspire care providers and families to reclaim the power of birth simply by its honesty.

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