Breastfeeding Your Baby
by Sheila Kitzinger

This simple, authoritative guide to breastfeeding success upholds Sheila Kitzinger’s tradition of excellence in childbirth education literature. The subtitle sums up the book’s value perfectly, “The complete guide for every new mother or mother-to-be who seeks knowledge, encouragement, and self confidence to breastfeed her baby.”

The photographs alone are well worth the price of this fine new breastfeeding manual. This book could even be of great assistance as a teaching aid with non-English speaking or reading clientele. The vast range of situations, positions, breasts and babies portrayed photographically is unequalled in this genre of books.

Each topic Kitzinger discusses is dealt with concisely in two to four pages; approximately half of that space is occupied by beautifully clear photos. The copy is easy to read and understand. Information is easily located via the detailed Contents listing or the index. In a time when lives are so rushed, the ease with which this book can be utilized should make it a top seller.

Breastfeeding Your Baby will be a popular addition to lending libraries and waiting room bookshelves. Mothers will benefit from owning personal copies.

Kitzinger’s newest breastfeeding manual beautifully complements (and may outstrip in popularity) such perennial favorites as Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Pryor’s Nursing Your Baby.

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