Is My Baby All Right? A Guide for Expectant Parents
by Christine Gosden

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"Is my baby all right?" is a valid question asked by many expectant parents. Today, there are many tests available to help identify abnormalities in babies, and prenatal testing is becoming a more prevalent part of prenatal care. As a midwife, I am aware that only 2 percent to 3 percent of babies are affected by a serious abnormality, leaving 97 percent unaffected. Although I do not routinely advocate the use of prenatal tests, more and more families choose on their own to use them, or a situation may require their use.

This book discusses abnormalities in babies, how they occur and are detected, and the options available to the prospective parents. It helps make sense of the testing system. By offering an in-depth summary of screenings and diagnostic testing methods, this book explains genetics and environmental and hereditary factors in an understandable fashion. Support services are described and case histories are used to suggest more effective choices in a difficult situation.

I feel comfortable about using this book as a reference for parents who have questions about potential abnormalities. It gives good, solid advice presented in a non-biased manner.