The Belly Mapping Workbook
by Gail Tully

he Belly Mapping Workbook cover

[2010, Midwifery Today, Inc.; 46 pages, paperback.]

[Review first published in Midwifery Today Issue 101, Spring 2012, © 2012, Maternity House. Review by Min Yi Su.]

What a joyful and creative way to get to know your pregnant body and your baby before birth. In this small but valuable workbook, Gail Tully provides step by step instructions, complete with practice exercises on how to learn your baby’s position after 32 weeks. Charts and diagrams are provided for moms/attendants to translate bumps, kicks and wiggles into butt, head, back, hands and feet. This is an empowering tool for mothers as well as a resourceful tool for birth professionals.

This workbook addresses such questions as, Where’s your baby’s head? Is it engaged? Is your baby facing backwards or forwards? Is your baby’s chin tucked? There is so much more to our baby’s position than “head down.” There are also sections about mapping breech and twins. When mothers and attendants know the baby’s position before labor, proactive steps can be taken to ensure an easier birth.

When I was pregnant with my three children, belly mapping was not as well known. I would have loved to “see” how my baby rested inside my belly on a regular basis. What a wonderful beginning to learn about the baby through his or her activities. My children were present at their siblings’ births. I can see how drawing the baby’s position on my belly would have been a fun art project for them and a wonderful opportunity to connect with the unborn babe. I am so pleased to know that learning the skills of belly mapping is now so accessible. This book is worth getting.

Reviewer Min Yi Su is a mother to three homebirthed boys. While living consciously and raising her children with creativity, compassion and love, she also contributes to healthy families in her community through consulting, teaching and writing. She is the co-owner of Dragon Phoenix Alchemy, LLC, and blogs at

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