Midwifery Today, Issue 89, Spring 2009

Issue 89: Women's Experience of Pregnancy and Birth
Theme: Midwifery Knowledge from Around the World

The theme of Midwifery Today Issue 89 is Midwifery Knowledge from Around the World. When we came up with this theme, we anticipated being able to share a variety of midwifery knowledge from around the world. While a number of articles addressed that, one thing that soon became clear is that midwifery knowledge is beginning to be lost or fall into disuse around the world, as the medicalized version of childbirth continues to gain ground. This issue contains a mix of midwifery knowledge as well as discussion of the adverse effects of this medicalization of birth.

Cover photo by Amber Jordan. The cover photo is of a Seattle-area mom and her two daughters, and reflects so much love in the family. It was photographed by Amber Jordan, using traditional black and white 35 mm film. To view more of Amber’s work, please go to www.photographybyamber.com


Poetry: With Woman
Beth Leianne Curtis
Jan Tritten
Jan makes the case for midwives learning about midwifery around the world as a way to improve their own practices.
Tricks of the Trade
Marion’s Message: Does it Matter How We Are Born?
Marion Toepke McLean
The author argues that midwives need to be aware that it does matter what happens during our birth so they can do the best job possible.
Media Reviews
Classified Advertising
Photo Album


Ramona Denk
Pam Udy
Enoch’s Home Waterbirth after Four C-sections
April Bailey
The Midwife Bond
Meredith Winn
Homebirth in Holland
Thea van Tuyl
Meeting by Chance with a Modern Day Che (A Fireside Chat with a Cuban Obstetrician, 2007)
Ruby Weldon
The Influence of Birth Experience on Postpartum Depression
Michelle Bland
The Power of Three and the Bumi Sehat Vision
Robin Lim
The Good Guys: Michael C. Klein
Judy Slome Cohain
A Day in the Life of an Intern
Jenn Head and Kate Prendergast
Nell Tharpe
Selah’s Beginnings
Ian Penwell
The Midwife
Jacqueline Cuthbertson
Husband-assisted Homebirth
John Paul
Birthing in South Africa
Linda B. Jenkins
Why Music Matters in Childbirth
Taz Tagore
Darjee Sahala
Naolí Vinaver
Informed Consent
Born in Poland
Monika Rosicka
The Gift
Kacie Mutscheller
The Nuchal Cord at Birth: What Do Midwives Think and Do?
Elaine Jefford, Kathleen Fahy and Deborah Sundin
Health Care with No Legs to Stand On: The Questions behind the Question
Alison Bastien
Birth Lessons from a Chicken
Molly Remer
Traditional Mentoring
Maryl Smith
Traditional Midwives and Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Countries with Low Resources
Kezaabu Edwidge
Andean Traditional Midwifery in Peru
Cynthia Ingar

International Midwife

Cards & Letters