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Benson Williesham MilimoBenson Williesham Milimo works with Moi University (see link below), Kenya, training midwives at undergraduate and at masters level as master of science in maternal and neonatal health nursing. Benson is involved in training of undergradute students in midwifery and is working on a master's degree in maternal and neonatal health. Benson is interested in the sharing of evidence-based practice in midwifery and tells us, "Currently I am doing a qualitative study on the perspectives of women on the meaning of quality care during child birth. Anyone with information on this area can share with me. I would also want to see more of natural childbirth and less of medicalization of childbirth especially in my country. In Kenya, we have a single training that combines nursing, midwifery and community health nursing. Hence all nurses are midwives and vice versa. However last year, one college was established to train midwives at diploma level. I believe that is the starting point of identifying midwifery as a different profession from nursing.

As for a envision the future of birth and midwifery: "I wish to see a future where mothers will always say, 'Yes, it was a nice experience' when refering to childbirth process."