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Elbia Martinez

Elbia Martinez graduated from the Central University of Ecuador then traveled to many countries following humanized birth conferences (Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, etc.). She is now studing general psychology to learn ways to improve services to birthing women. She has a natural birth center in Cuenca, Ecuador, with volunteer doula support, where natural childbirth can be what the mother wants, whether vertical birth, waterbirth, and so forth, respecting the times and the physiology of natural childbirth. Their goal is to offer a family atmosphere, with intimacy, love and trust.

Elbia tells Midwifery Today: “We started our humanized delivery care conference in Quito after the arrival of Dr. Michel Odent, with whom we shared the benefits of waterbirth. We have a mission in this world, to help create a world with more love, giving humanized care to mothers and newborns. I want a build a project of homebirth near to nature, to enable women to live fully their birth.”