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The Blessing Way

THE BLESSING WAY was purposely written to provide sums of money to help women and children in need. One hundred percent of all the profit from The Blessing Way goes directly into that fund. No-one at Faith Restoration Ministries receives a salary of any kind. A donation of $20.00 is required to cover the cost of printing, paper/combs, assembling, shipping and postage.

Miriam Faith Leavitt-Heise is a mother of five, grandmother of 21, and a great-grandmother, sharing wisdom and experiences from over 70 years of serving others—a midwife for over 52 years, a writer seeking to lead others into the realm of love and the Director of Manna School of Midwifery and Health Sciences in Bonita Springs, FL.

This is what people are saying about THE BLESSING WAY:

  • "Your book has blessed me and I have highly recommended it to others."
  • "This is a book I couldn't lay down. It has made me more of an 'aware' person, and given me a loving and forgiving perspective in dealing with others that I have never had before."
  • "I never put The Blessing Way away ... it is always close by, and I am always making some simple gift to share with others. I use the annointing oil at every birth."
  • "Please send me ten copies of The Blessing Way, I want to share it with all my friends. It is the best ever!"
  • " I wept over the stories—how did you know to write such love about me? Anyone can and will relate to The Blessing Way. Thank YOU!"

© Miriam Faith Leavitt-Heise
Cover: The Three Ages of Women
by Gustav Klimt 1905

The Blessing Way has been a selected method of establishing and/or renewing rites of passage. It is not a shower, or a party, it is a celebration (commemoration), embellishing the wonder of life and death, with the intention of making The Blessing Way a way of preparedness and wholeness (holiness) for a specific person.

Faith Restoration Ministries is a non-profit organization designed to bring restoration—healing and wholeness to those in need.

Orders of 100 books or more will receive a 10% discount.

To order, send a $20 donation to:

Dr. Faith Heise
18050 South Tamiami Trail #25
Fort Myers, Florida 33908


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