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A Word to Fathers
by Jill Cohen

As a father, you play a vital role in pregnancy and birth. Since you are responsible for getting the baby in, you are also a major support for getting the baby out. Women need to feel comfortable when having a baby. Your presence, love and support help create the perfect birth….
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  • A Father’s Point Of View
    by Anthony Wilson
    The day my wife gave birth to our firstborn was the end and the beginning of something beautiful. The culmination of nine months of physical, emotional and spiritual preparation for the birth of our baby, it was also the beginning of our life with children….
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  • A Note to Fathers
    by Lois Wilson
    What is the role of the father who is present at the birth of his child? Is he a labor coach, advocate or partner? Is he a fifth wheel? A nuisance? A liability?
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  • Caught Off Guard: One Father’s Memories
    by Steve Hinnefeld
    No other joy I have experienced can compare with watching my child come wriggling out into the world and with being present for the breathtaking first moments of a new human being. Almost all my memories of the births of my three children are memories that I treasure….
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  • Is The Participation Of The Father At Birth Dangerous?
    by Michel Odent, M.D.
    A century ago, when most babies were born at home, such a question would have been deemed irrelevant. At that time, everybody knew that childbirth is "women’s business." The husband was given a practical task, such as spending hours boiling water, but he was not involved in the birth itself….
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