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"There are lots of books on breastfeeding—of the ones I've had in my hands, these are the most practical and helpful. "The Nursing Mother's Companion" saved my nursing relationship with my daughter, but it is a very "text" oriented book and is better for people who learn well from reading. "Bestfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for You" has marvelous illustrations and simple "how-to" solutions to common problems that will help almost any mother breastfeed successfully. With these two books in hand, there are few problems that cannot be solved quickly and easily."

Jennifer Rosenberg

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Issue No. 7
Theme: The Psychologically At Risk
Breastfeeding Management, pg. 28–33

Issue No. 10
Theme: Blood & Bleeding
Newborn Breastfeeding, pg. 22

Issue No. 13
Theme: Cross Cultural Birthing
Ketonuria, homebirth, and breastfeeding through toddlerhood are other topics that get attention in this issue, as well as a playful look at midwifery in the 1980s.

Issue No. 16
Theme: Infectious Diseases
Breastfeeding & Health

Issue No. 17
Theme: How Our Beliefs Shape Our Midwifery
, pg. 10, 40

Issue No. 21
Theme: Education & Training (Part 2)
, pg. 27

Issue No. 25
Theme: International Midwifery
, pg. 42, 45–46

Issue No. 26
Theme: Natural Remedies, pg. 10, 47

Issue No. 27
Theme: Birth and Disability

Issue 27 focuses on birth and disability—birth stories, empowerment, equipment to help expectant and new mothers, guidelines for serving the variously disabled, breastfeeding and postpartum, and more.

Issue No. 29
Theme: Unexpected Outcomes

The successful story of how a premature infant was finger-fed until he learned to nurse, a father's loving story of pregnancy and birth, and a look at the benefits of breastfeeding complete this issue.
Breastfeeding: Food for Thought
Finger-feeding a Preemie

Issue No. 31
Theme: First Stage

Encouraging Breastfeeding, pg. 52

Issue No. 32
Theme: Weaving a Global Future

Breastfeeding: Our Common Link
Gracious Births, pg. 29

Issue No. 35
Theme: Educating the Public, pg. 46–47

Issue No. 36
Theme: Prematurity
, pg. 46

Issue No. 44
Theme: Trusting Birth
Kangaroo Care: Why Does It Work?
Slings: Rediscovering Mother's Mobility

Issue No. 48
Theme: Hemorrhage
A mini-theme on breastfeeding, including the hilarious "Stand-up and Sit Down Comedy," gives readers both a serious and not-so-serious look at breastfeeding concerns.
Breastfeeding Nemesis

Birthkit Back Issues

Issue No. 4 Winter 1994
Breastfeeding for Better Nutrition

Issue No. 7 Autumn 1995
Herbs for breastfeeding are featured in the Remedies column, and a passionate yet humorous take on labor and birth would provoke a smile from just about anyone familiar with the struggles of birth.
Breast and Balance
Drinking the Nectar
Herbs for Breastfeeding

Issue No. 17 Spring 1998
Imagine how many breastfeeding moms would like to have a "milk angel." Issue 17 tells a doula’s story of being on call for breastfeeding moms.
Milk Angels

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