Placenta: The Gift of Life
Information on the role of the placenta in different cultures, and how to prepare and use it as medicine


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Throughout the world generations have passed down knowledge of how ingesting placenta helps a mother's postpartum recovery. Women using placenta remedies after birth feel stronger, are happier and can breastfeed more easily. If edema, elevated blood pressure or traces of protein in the urine signal malfunction of the kidneys during pregnancy, placenta remedies can eliminate these symptoms quickly. The symptoms of toxemia in pregnancy usually go hand-in-hand with a late onset of lactation after birth. Swelling in the fingers and legs may take up to six weeks to disappear again.

Placenta remedies, such as the powder, emulsion or an injection with the extract, can speed up this process considerably. With this treatment toxemic women can breastfeed well within two weeks. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses placenta to strengthen the kidneys. Mood swings resulting from a drop in the blood progesterone level respond well to a treatment with placenta remedies. Many conditions during birth, the postpartum period and nursing would not arise if we returned to the old custom of applying placenta remedies.

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Recipe for Placenta Emulsion

1/3 oz emulsifier (10 g)
1 oz distilled water (30 ml)
1/2 tsp of placenta powder (2 g)

Dissolve the emulsifier in distilled water at 120° F (50° C). Add placenta powder as soon as the solution has turned into a paste. Simmer at the same temperature while stirring swiftly, until the powder has dissolved completely. Remove from heat and let soak. Cool at room temperature while beating it well with a whisk.

*Note: This information should not be substituted for medical treatment. Consult with a midwife, doctor or other healthcare professional before using placenta recipes or treatments. Midwifery Today does not guarantee the outcome of these treatments and shall not be responsible for damages to people who choose to use them.

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