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Know how it feels to kick off your shoes and put your feet up after a long day?

That's what The Birthkit newsletter is all about, Midwifery Today magazine with its shoes off! While it has the same kind of information as Midwifery Today and the same focus on safe, gentle birth, The Birthkit is more relaxed and informal. This makes it perfect to pack in your birth bag or purse to read when you have a few minutes spare time, or to put in your waiting room to share with your clients.

If you're a doula, aspiring midwife, parent or just someone who wants to know a little more about pregnancy and birth, The Birthkit is a great way to get started.

Each quarterly issue contains twelve packed pages of birth stories, birth-related news, pregnancy and newborn care information, herbal lore, commentary and much more, all testimony to the important role we play in the lives of women and babies. The Birthkit was published from 1995 through 2007.

Common features found in many issues

  • Midwife's Journal
  • Birth Stories
  • Staccatos
  • Poetry

Selected articles from The Birthkit Newsletter

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