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Tine Aaserud

Tine Aaserud is a Danish midwife who was educated in Norway ten years ago. She was instrumental in starting the first breastfeeding clinic in Norway in 2000. Currently she works with prenatal care, including breastfeeding classes for pregnant women. She is a skilled counsellor.

Lexi Abeln

Lexi Abeln, RN, CCE, IBCLC, is a certified childbirth educator, L&D nurse, international board-certified lactation consultant, certified BOLD Method for Birth Educator and experienced mother-baby-family advocate. She is married, has five children and two stepchildren. She has a passion for teaching and facilitating a holistic approach to pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting, which she sees as optimal in raising healthy and happy families.

Svetlana Akimova

Svetlana Akimova is a midwife, psychologist and founder of the center “Magic Child.” She has helped to prepare couples for birth since 1992. She graduated in classical midwifery in 2003, graduated in International Academy of Psychology, studied in Amsterdam. For three years she has given lectures in extension courses for medical specialists in Helsinki and Tampere (Finland). Svetlana is the mother of three children.

Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa is a mother of three, doula, writer and dancer, and founder of Bellydance For Birth in which she has been involved since 1997. She has released two award-winning resources—a book, Dance of the Womb, endorsed by Sheila Kitzinger, Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Sarah Buckley and NACE (Aust.) and a DVD voted by readers choice award for Best Pregnancy Fitness Product. She was bestowed the One World Birth Hero National Award in 2011 Maha is passionate about sharing bellydancebirth as a path toward a sacred birth experience and is an advocate of the right for choices in breastfeeding for both mother and baby. She teaches workshops and presents at conferences both nationally and internationally.

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Diego Alarcon

Diego Alarcon is an obstetrician working in Quito, Ecuador. He owns and runs a small hospital with a beautiful waterbirth center which occupies the whole upper floor of the building. It is decorated with gorgeous paintings that he painted himself. He gives very loving and encouraging care to the whole family. He mostly just takes photographs at births but is a highly skilled obstetrician if a humane cesarean is needed. He gives loving care in all aspects of his work.

Marina Alzugaray

Marina Alzugaray, MS, LM, CNM, is an international midwifery consultant and speaker with more than 30 years of experience in women’s health care. She received her Master of Science degree from the University of California, San Francisco, where she focused her research on homebirths and birth positions and related maternal-infant outcomes. Marina has facilitated sacred births in homes, hospitals and birth centers. She now offers homebirths and waterbirths in the Florida Keys, where she develops courses and facilitates educational retreats as director of Comadres Institute. Marina is known as a provider of holistic midwifery care; pioneer of waterbirths; developer of the American AquaNatal method, a prenatal water exercise program; and producer of continuing education courses on sacred birthing, women’s health and care that empowers clients. She serves as regional representative to Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA).

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Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is a Healing Arts Educator, Conscious Living Mentor, Holistic Business Coach, Social Media Consultant, Speaker and Writer. She is the author of How to Have an Awesome Birth and the creator of the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training, The Breast Essentials, Healing Arts Business Academy and CONNECT: The Social Media Course. She has extensive experience as a wellness entrepreneur in bodywork, women’s health, birth, education and coaching. Currently she shares her passion for holistic living arts, creates global online educational programs and is a business coach for wellness entrepreneurs. She can be reached at:

Tricia Anderson

Tricia Anderson trained as a midwife in Dorset and worked in both hospital and community settings. She was part of the original team that established MIDIRS in the 1980s and served as editor of the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest from 1995–1997. She had her own homebirth practice and was a course leader for the MA in Advanced Midwifery Practice at Bournemouth University. Tricia led workshops throughout Europe on midwifery and childbirth emergencies for settings where there are no doctors. Tricia passed away in 2007. We really miss her dynamic presence.

Erica Andrews

Erica Andrews is an anthropologist and midwife who is passionate about life, female empowerment, keeping birth sacred, oxytocin magic, and the cultural blending of nature and nurture. Erica describes herself this way: “A lover. Mother of five. Placenta aficionado. Crafter of light, spinner of words. A keeper of sacred space. A portrait to remember your face.”

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Shannon Anton

Shannon Anton was honored to receive the Brazen Woman Award from the California Association of Midwives (CAM) in June 2004. She is cofounder of National Midwifery Institute, Inc. She served on the CAM Board and was representative to the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) Certification Task Force. She currently serves on the NARM board as Director of Accountability. Shannon lives in rural Vermont with her life partner of 17 years.

Birthe Ariansen

Birthe Ariansen, a Norwegian midwife, works at the ABC unit in Oslo, Norway. She has expertise on waterbirth.

Colleen Bak

Colleen Bak, MA, CD (DONA), has a BA in anthropology from NYU. She also earned her Masters in their Gallatin program, concentrating on modern birth politics in the US with a focus on the homebirth movement and the legality of midwifery. She currently works as a doula and a birth assistant with a homebirth midwifery practice. She was a founding member of the board of directors of Friends of the Birth Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding in the establishment of an independent birth center in Manhattan. She is the mother of three daughters, lovingly born at home into the hands of midwives. For more information on Colleen please visit

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Lesley Barclay

Lesley Barclay, AO, is Professor and Director of the University Centre of Rural Health North Coast for Sydney University. She began her career as a midwife and now is a maternity services researcher and health system reformer whose projects have improved services in remote and urban Australia and internationally. Lesley has led many research projects funded by National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Research Council and others and has published widely. Her work has changed policy and systems nationally and internationally; for example in Australian remote maternal infant care for Aboriginal women in the Northern Territory in an ongoing project, in Samoa on traditional birth attendants working with the health system, and in Indonesia by informing changed national policies around health worker education. [ PHOTO BY ARTHUR MOSTE ]

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Diane Barnes

Diane Barnes, a midwife who moved through the lateral stages of lay midwife to DEM to RNM to CNM, began to midwife in 1974. She currently owns and operates a free standing birth center and attends 120 births a year. Diane is a past president of Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), active supporter of all midwives, mother of ten (four recently adopted from Russia) and is expecting her 21st grandchild. She has published many articles regarding statistics and various childbirth situations. Diane is currently writing about her experiences, particularly the benefits/disadvantages of becoming a CNM.

Alison Bastien

Alison Bastien, CPM, (previously Alison Parra) was an independent homebirth midwife in Mexico for 12 years. She now teaches classes in midwifery, childbirth education and herbalism, and together with her family runs a natural products dispensary and store. She has lived in Mexico over 30 years, and was one of the founders of the MANA Mexican region.

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Jane Beal

Jane Beal, PhD, is a writer, educator and midwife. She has served in homebirth practices in the Chicago, Denver and San Francisco metro areas and in birth centers for at-risk, low-income families in the US, Uganda and the Philippines. She currently teaches at UC Davis.

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Beverley Lawrence Beech

Beverley Lawrence Beech is a freelance writer, researcher, campaigner and mother of two who has campaigned to improve maternity care since the birth of her second child in 1976. For six years she was a lay adviser to the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at Oxford and was for seven years a lay member of the Professional Conduct Committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and a member of the Midwifery Committee of the NMC. She was also a lay member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Maternity Forum, and a founder member of CERES (Consumers for Ethics in Research).

She lectures, both nationally and internationally, on consumer issues in maternity care and the medicalisation of birth. She is the honorary chairman of the Association for Improvements in the Maternity. When not lecturing on maternity care from a user perspective, Beverley can be found on the Thames at Hammersmith sailing an Enterprise dinghy.

Benjamin Bell

Benjamin Bell, LMT, has facilitated advanced Craniosacral Therapy (CST) since 1986 with specialized training for Infant CST in 1988. Benjamin offered his “Welcome to the World” first session for babies under 3 months in 1998, consequently working with over 2600 babies. He has worked parttime with Dr. Sharrell Tracy at the Development and Brain Rehabilitation Center since 1997. Benjamin is passionate about his continued study and practice in helping people heal from soft-tissue restrictions and injuries. During two and a half decades of experience, Benjamin has worked with a wide range of alter-abled clientele, blending his training and experience into an art form in its own right. Listening to the body’s story allows the release of abnormal and asymmetrical movement in all of the body’s connective tissue, creating balance in the mind/body/spirit.

Alieta Belle

Alieta Belle was inspired after the awesome birth of her first child to make a creative birth film, centered around sharing the core insights women receive as they experience pregnancy and birth. She recalls a woman telling that she didn’t experience birthing as “pain” but as a “nice stretch” and hence the title of the film, The Big Stretch, was born. She believes The Big Stretch and The Big Stretch Sequel (co-created with Jenny Blyth) are both works of art and a valuable offering to the world.

Alieta has a background in visual arts, producing digital video and editing projects, and teaching. Her focus has been to create projects with intrinsic cultural value.

Nils Bergman

Nils Bergman graduated at the University of Cape Town, and has worked in South Africa, Ciskei and, Sweden, before working seven years as Medical Superintendent and District Medical Officer at Manama Mission, Zimbabwe. Here he, together with Midwife Agneta Jurisoo, developed and implemented Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) for premature infants right from birth. This resulted in a five-fold improvement in survival of Very Low Birth Weight babies.

He introduced KMC to South Africa in 1995, and after 5 years, KMC became official policy for care of prematures in the hospitals of the Western Cape province. He has given keynote addresses on KMC at International Conferences in six continents, and published articles on a variety of subjects in medical journals. He continues to research and promote KMC.

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Mary Bernabe

Mary Bernabe is a wife and mom who helps catch babies at home. She has attended births in teepees, in buses, in her van, after traveling in the night through two feet of fresh snow, outside in the woods and in homes with no running water or electricity. Mary says, “I figured that my job was to help you have your babies the way you wanted to have them and it worked!” Mary has 11 kids at home—ten boys, one girl. Her husband is a pastor.

Marina Blank

Marina Blank is a midwife, birth preparation instructor, baby swimming instructor and mother of three children. Her educational background includes midwifery and perinatal psychology. Marina loves working with people and giving lectures and seminars, doing individual work with kids and families, giving psychological support to pregnant women, and providing touristic trips with groups.

Jenny Blyth

Jenny Blyth has been working for over 30 years with natural birth and homebirth. Her greatest focus is on sound preparation of the mother and her partner for birth, including self-awareness, body skills and bodywork for birth. She has been facilitating Birthwork workshops for more than 10 years, and since 2010 has teamed up with Fiona Hallinan. She believes self-responsibility, self-care and body skills are important foundations for a satisfying birth experience, and compassion, tenderness and touch essential qualities for birthworkers.

More recently Jenny has become interested in the changing status of traditional birthworkers in the face of changes in global health care policies. She has authored 2 books: Birthwork, a compassionate guide to being with birth, and The Down to Earth Birth Book, a practical guide to natural birth. With Alieta Belle, she has co-created two films called The Big Stretch and The Big Stretch Sequel.

Andrea Bolz

Andrea Bolz is executive secretary of the Association of Independent Midwives of Germany.

Lillian Bondo

Lillian Bondo has been the President of the Danish Association of Midwives since 2001. After qualifying as a midwife in 1984, Lillian worked as a Midwifery Centre midwife, attending pregnant women and their families in antenatal clinic and birth preparation as well as attending births.

Jana Borino

Jana Borino was the Founding Mother Executive Director of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery, a position she grew for 13 years. She served as Executive Director of the Birth Center of Gainesville, the oldest birth center on the east coast of the United States, for three years. Jana attended births as a midwife assistant for 20 years and served on numerous boards and committees of national, state and community based midwifery organizations. Jana was very involved in legislative action during key political years that resulted in successful passage of Florida Statue 467, The Midwifery Practice Act.

Jana passed away in February, 2009, after a 10-year battle with breast cancer. We will miss her very much. Jana is survived by her husband, Keith, and daughters, Chelsea, Emma and Tessie.

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Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman, MS, is a scientist of biomechanics who teaches how to reverse disease process through correct alignment and movement. Katy is the key person behind wellness-media production corporation Well Balanced Media. She also founded and serves as director of the Restorative Exercise Institute. Katy has released her first series of DVDs under the Restorative Exercise heading. Building on the success of that series, her new “human body manual” is found in the Aligned and Well DVD series, a complete “home pharmacy” of movement solutions specifically indicated for common physical ailments, including female pelvic floor disorder. She specializes in helping people see the mechanical—as opposed to hormonal or genetic—causes of disease.

Sue Brailey

Sue Brailey, BA (HONS), RN, RM, is an English midwife currently living in Switzerland. She has a background in Social Science and completed her midwifery training in 1993. After qualifying she worked for many years as an independent midwife in London where she offered complete maternity care to women, attending births at home and in hospital. In 2001 she moved to Switzerland where she worked for over 2 years in a free standing birthing centre. Currently she is back attending homebirths and also teaches part time at the Berne School of Midwifery. Sue has lectured internationally on subjects such as optimal foetal positioning, midwifery led care, informed choice, and physiological third stage. Sue has also published a wide range of articles on subjects such as episiotomy, homebirth, optimal foetal positioning, prevention of tears. She has just completed a chapter on promoting normal birth for a book that will be published next year. She speaks English and German, and has two children both of whom were born at home.

Susanne Rose Brønnum

Susanne Rose Brønnum is a Danish midwife with 14 years experience. She is an organic psychotherapist, who offers therapy and personal development in both single and group sessions. She works with midwives and has clients dealing with postpartum trauma and depression.

Vanessa Brooks

Vanessa Brooks has practiced traditional midwifery in the stunning hills of southern Spain for 15 years. She is an artist and published writer. As the director of Da-a-luz, a project to change the face of birth in Europe, Vanessa is currently touring with workshops for midwives and pregnant families.

Rudite Bruvere

Rudite Bruvere started the first independent midwifery practice in Latvia, offering pregnancy care and breastfeeding support, as well as attending homebirths. She served for 12 years on the board of the Association of Midwives of Latvia, working on the politics of and for the profession. In 2003 she co-founded The Family Cradle, a non-profit organization that includes a maternity center and a training for midwives. Seminars are offered for midwives interested in learning safe out-of-hospital birth and other midwifery skills.

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Sarah J. Buckley

Sarah J. Buckley, a GP (family physician), has been writing and lecturing on pregnancy, birth and parenting since 1997. Born in 1960 in New Zealand, Sarah inherited her interest in medicine and birth from her father and grandfather, who both worked as small-town GP-obstetricians, and her passion has been fueled by her experiences with her own children. Sarah has deepened her understanding of birth and mothering as a journey of transformation through her participation, ongoing since 1992, in women’s circles with Shivam Rachana and the Melbourne-based International College of Spiritual Midwifery, of which she is a founding member. [ PHOTO BY DEIRDRE CULLEN ]

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Lydia Byler

Lydia Byler is an experienced Amish midwife practicing in Pennsylvania. She is also a reflexologist.

Cynthia Caillagh

Cynthia Caillagh, TM, CPM, LM is a Traditional Midwife whose 44-year practice, Matrifocal Healthcare and Midwifery Services, is based on the principles of holism and evolutionary childbearing biology. She has attended over 3400 births, assisting families with single, multiple and VBAC homebirth in primarily rural settings. Cynthia is working on developing a group of small birthing centers, writing and teaching when she isn’t attending births for an extended Amish community in Wisconsin.

Vanessa Calderon

Vanessa Calderon is a native Costa Rican midwife. She lives and practices on the Caribbean side of the country.

Katherine Camacho Carr

Katherine Camacho Carr, PhD, ARNP, CNM, FACNM, is associate professor at Seattle University College of Nursing in the Master of Science in Nursing program. She also works as a nurse-midwife at Highline Midwifery and Women’s Health, providing care to a diverse and primarily low-income group of women. Katherine will assume the presidency of the American College of Nurse-Midwives in June 2004 for a three-year term.

Igor Charkovsky

Igor Charkovsky, famous researcher, birth assistant and water trainer, has assisted in more than 2000 underwater births. Igor is the founder of the “Russian Method” of birth, in which mothers birth their babies into the water. In the 1960s he devised this birth method and the healing of infants and sick or weak children by means of swimming or lengthy dunking in the water.

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Melissa Cheyney

Melissa (Missy) Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM, is Associate Professor of Clinical Medical Anthropology at Oregon State University (OSU) with additional appointments in Public Health and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is also a Certified Professional Midwife in active practice, and the Chair of the Division of Research for the Midwives Alliance of North America where she directs the MANA Statistics Project. She is the author of an ethnography entitled Born at Home (2010, Wadsworth Press) along with several peer-reviewed articles that examine the cultural beliefs and clinical outcomes associated with midwife-led birth at home.

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Manju Chhugani

Manju Chhugani is an academician, researcher and trainer, and versatile leader in the field of nursing and midwifery with 20 years of extensive hands-on experience in the area of maternal and child health and university teaching. Manju Chhugani brings a unique mix of deep research experience and proven capabilities in leading teams while implementing educational programmes. She holds an office with the Society of Midwives (India), Central, and works tirelessly to achieve safe motherhood in India, working with various International NGOs like UNICEF, UNFPA and the Centre for Development and Population Activities (Cedpa). She is also a member of Global Alliance for Nurses and Midwives and a member of Midwifery Research Advisory Network.

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Demetria Clark

Demetria Clark is the Global Director of Birth Arts International (, Heart of Herbs Herbal School ( and a midwife assistant and doula living and working in Basel, Switzerland, and the tri-country region of Switzerland, Germany and France.

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Justine Clegg

Justine Clegg, MS, LM, CPM, is a Florida Licensed Midwife and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Involved in maternal and child health since 1973 as a La Leche League leader, childbirth educator, founding member of the Midwives Association of Florida, homebirth midwife and political activist, she earned her M.S. in counseling in 1991 and has served as Director of the Midwifery Program at Miami Dade College since 1994. She was a founding Board member of MEAC and helped develop the NARM certification process. She is proud to be a real “granny” midwife, having attended the births of grandbabies Spencer and Nya.

Jill Cohen

Jill Cohen lives in Mill City, Oregon, with two of her four children. After 20 years as a lay midwife she returned to school to become an RN. She is currently working in a small rural hospital as a primary OB nurse. She was the associate editor of Midwifery Today magazine from 1990 to 2007.

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Hakan Çoker

Hakan Çoker is a physician who has been working for natural birth in Turkey through his organization Birth With No Regret, aiming to improve birth through educating families. He is a lactation consultant LCCE, a HypnoBirthing practitioner, and promoter of home waterbirths and of the concept of the mother- and baby-friendly cesarean.

Suzanne Colson

Suzanne Colson, PhD, is a research midwife and a nurse. Her thesis introduced a new paradigm called biological nurturing—laid-back breastfeeding—and won the prestigious English Royal College of Nursing Inaugural Akinsanya Award for originality and scholarship in doctoral studies. Suzanne is an Ankinsanya scholar 2007, a former senior lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and co-founder of The Nurturing Project, an organization created to disseminate biological nurturing research. She is an honorary member and a founding mother/leader of La Leche League France and is on the professional advisory board of La Leche League of Great Britain. She has over 35 years clinical experience supporting breastfeeding mothers, first in France working with Dr. Michel Odent, then in London hospitals as a caseload midwife and midwife/lactation specialist and finally during her research appointments and university work as a senior midwifery lecturer. Suzanne is the author of numerous articles, research papers, a book and three DVDs. Retired from the university and active midwifery practice, she remains available for clinical consultation and lectures widely across the world.

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Sue Cookson

Sue Cookson is a newly retired midwife with more than 30 years of homebirth experience. She is the mother of four babies born at home in the 1980s, including a 44-weeker and a footling breech. Sue has only ever been employed by the women she serves. She apprenticed to Dr. John Stevenson in her formative days as a birth practitioner. Sue has attended breech and twin births and enjoys handing on her knowledge to those with a passion for birth.

Mary L. Cooper

Mary L. Cooper has been a direct entry midwife since 1978 with 3000+ babies. Mary believes in all aspects of the birthing process, birthing women and the full circle of birth (which at times includes death). At workshops, Mary shares this “Sacred Ground” which includes: VBACs, Twins, Breeches, Uterine Death, Birth Anomalies and Healing Births. Mary shares what God, birthing women, babies and life have shared with her. She has been and is now a “caretaker” for the elderly as their lives come to an end. Mary is thankful for all the wisdom shared with her from the women and babies whom she has helped.

Ansu Coto

Ansu Coto is a doula trained in body work and holistic therapies. She is co-founder of Acompañando Mamás al Nacimiento (AMAN) and teaches a prenatal class in hypnobirthing.

Patricia Couch

Patricia Couch, CPM, LDM, has served women throughout the childbearing year in a variety of roles since 1997. She has been an actively practicing midwife in Oregon since 2006. She attends births in freestanding birthing centers and at home. She is passionate about gentle birth, the gentle treatment of babies and mamababy bonding. She has also served abroad in Mexico and Haiti.

Sharon Craig

Sharon Craig, CPM, is a Midwife Trainer and Advisor working in Afghanistan. Sharon has worked as a midwife in Russia, the Philippines, California and Afghanistan. In 2005, Sharon opened the Maternity Ward in Kabul’s CURE International Hospital, and opened the Maternity Service in the Family Health Center in the summer of 2006. Her current focus is on community-based health education on healthy pregnancy, birth and newborns.

Hilde Curinckx

Hilde Curinckx has been a midwife in Belgium since 1993. She worked in a local hospital in Mol, Belgium, for more than 10 years. Since January 2004 she has taught in the midwifery education programme in Hasselt, Belgium, and is currently responsible for teaching second year students, as well as the high risk unit in the third year. She is currently interested in giving students more knowledge about physiological births to prevent pathological or high-risk births; receiving an IBCLC in July 2008; and participating in international midwifery programmes.

Cathy Daub

Cathy Daub designed and taught the first Birth Works classes in New Jersey in 1981. Birth Works joined the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) in 1982. Cathy served as chairperson of the education committee to develop Birth Works into a certification program. The program was completed in 1988 and the first childbirth educator training workshop was held. In 1994 Birth Works incorporated, becoming a nonprofit organization with a full board of directors and board of advisors.

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Lorna Davies

Lorna Davies, RM, PGCEA, MA, is a UK qualified midwife who has worked in midwifery education since 1995. Her particular interests lie in examination of the newborn, parent education, breastfeeding, birth art, normal birth and e-Learning. She is also co-director of [ PHOTO BY ANDREA NOLL ]

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Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis, CPM, is a renowned expert on midwifery and reproductive health issues. She has been a midwife, reproductive health care specialist, educator and consultant since 1977. She is internationally active in midwifery education/legalization, and she lectures widely on reproductive rights, sexuality and birth trauma. She served as regional representative to the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) for five years and as president of the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC). She is co-founder of the National Midwifery Institute, Inc., a MEAC-accredited, apprenticeship-based midwifery program leading to licensure in California and the CPM credential. She holds a degree in Holistic Maternity Care from Antioch University and is certified by the North American Registry of Midwives. She is the author of the classic Heart and Hands: A Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, 5th edition, in addition to several other popular volumes. Elizabeth lives in Sebastopol, California, and is the mother of three children. [ PHOTO BY JENNIFER ROSENBERG ]

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Robbie Davis-Floyd

Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Texas Austin, and Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology, is a medical anthropologist specializing in the anthropology of reproduction. Robbie lectures at childbirth, midwifery and obstetrical conferences around the world. Robbie has written over 80 articles and the book Birth as an American Rite of Passage (2004). Her research on global trends and transformations in childbirth, obstetrics and midwifery is ongoing.

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Betty-Anne Daviss

Betty-Anne Daviss, RM, MA, has been a practising midwife for more than 30 years and social science writer for 15+ years, working both clinically and politically on five continents. She is a clinical preceptor for students at the Midwifery Education Program of Ontario, and is an adjunct professor at Women’s and Gender Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. She was the Chair of the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) Statistics and Research Committee for 14 years and co-author of “Outcomes of Planned Home Births with CPMs” published in 2005 in the BMJ. She turns breeches and has attended approximately 70 breech deliveries. She offered testimony for the breech trials of Alison Osborne (California 1999) and Shaheeda Pierce (Washington 2005) which set precedents for vaginal breech delivery at home for midwives in those states. She was recently one of the principle organizers of the 2nd International Breech Birth Conference in Ottawa, Canada, and has been instrumental in helping the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada adapt vaginal-breech-friendly guidelines and practice.

Chandra Kanta Dayal

Chandra Kanta Dayal is a registered nurse and midwife living in Suva, Fiji. She received her Masters in Clinical Midwifery from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. She is head of the Midwifery Department at College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, School of Nursing. Additionally, she is a lecturer and Christian worker. Chandra is married with two grown children. Her other interests include travelling, meeting people and reading.

Mirjam de Keijzer

Mirjam de Keijzer has worked as a childbirth educator since 2001 and as a doula and doula trainer since 2006. During her doula training, Mirjam was introduced to the rebozo by Thea van Tuyl. Impressed by the relaxation it brought their clients, Mirjam and Thea decided to work together to spread this technique by organizing workshops and writing The Rebozo Technique Unfolded with involvement from Naolí Vinaver, who inspired their writing of the book. For several years now, Thea and Mirjam have taught rebozo techniques in the Netherlands and other European countries.

Martine De Nardi

Martine De Nardi is a nurse and a physiotherapist. She is the teaching supervisor of the Perinatal Sensorial Gymnastics (PSG) diploma in Fernando Pessoa University, Porto (Portugal). She teaches fasciatherapy and somatic-psychoeducation. Martine has been attending mothers, babies and parents for more than 20 years, and for 13 years has taught PSG to midwives. Her website is:

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Debbie A. Díaz Ortiz

Debbie A. Díaz Ortiz, CPM, MPH, began her midwifery career as an apprentice to Rully Delgado, a Puerto Rican traditional midwife, in 1986. Today they are colleagues. In 1992 she went to Maternidad La Luz, and from 1993 on worked as a primary caregiver at homebirths in Puerto Rico. She is a member of the Latin-American and Caribbean Network for the Humanization of Childbirth.

Emma Diloi

Emma Diloi is the Matron Maternity of Lautoka Hospital and has been a midwife since 1994. Emma is passionate about midwifery and plans to continue advocating for the profession to ensure that all midwives are empowered with the passion “before I exit the service.”

Soo Downe

Soo Downe, BA (hons), RM, MSc, PhD, spent 15 years working as a midwife in various clinical, research and project development roles at Derby City General Hospital. In 2001, she joined the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in England, where she is now the Professor of Midwifery Studies. She set up the UCLan Midwifery Studies Research Unit in October 2002. She now leads the Research in Childbirth and Health (ReaCH) group. She has chaired both the UK Royal College of Midwives Campaign for Normal Birth steering committee, and the ICM Research Standing Committee. She has been a member of a number of national midwifery committees, and has collaborated with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) on two projects to date. She is a member of the steering group of the Global Alliance of Nursing and Midwifery.

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Marina Dadasheva Campbell Drown

Marina Dadasheva Campbell Drown, midwife, was born in 1951 and grew up in and around Baku in the then-Soviet Union. Marina is a licensed military nurse. She holds university degrees in literature, philology and journalism. She has worked as a university lecturer, journalist, university counselor, educational innovator, dance instructor, yoga practitioner and teacher.

Viviane Lemaigre Dubreuil

Viviane Lemaigre Dubreuil has supported birth since 2000 as a doula and therapist. As an occupational therapist, she specializes in archaic reflexes and neuro-sensory-motor integration, which lets her make vital links between the physiology of neonatal times and lifelong outcomes. She offers a new angle to consider prevention of problems children may have with behavior, development, learning, etc., that may originate around birth.

Lina Duncan

Lina Duncan is from the UK and has been a midwife since 1999, having trained in the US and the Philippines with 1000 births. Her training was 100% Midwifery Model of Care approach and once trained she was involved in training others. Since attending many high-risk women and babies in the Philippines she has set up a company along with her colleagues and has been working in India since 2008. Her company Justlink Health Services provides a variety of pregnancy and birthing services to women across Mumbai and Pune, including high-risk situations such as malaria and anaemia in pregnancy.

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Valérie Dupin

Valérie Dupin Doula, tutor and co-president of Doulas de France. Originally a translator and interpretor, she decided after the birth of her first daughter in 1989 in Glasgow, UK, to train as childbirth educator with the National Childbirth Trust and also became a doula. She worked as well as a tutor for Scottish adult education with women and mothers in deprived areas. She moved back to France in 2001 and co-founded the Association Doulas de France as well as the doula training organization, Institut de formation Doulas de France. She lives in the Paris area and continues supporting parents around the birth of their babies.

Madeline L. Dusky

Madeline L. Dusky, president and director of the Touch Learning Center, graduated from Ohio College of Massotherapy in 1988, relocated shortly thereafter to Antrim, New Hampshire. She opened her private practice with a focus on pre- and postpartum care and women suffering from fibromyalgia. In 1991 she volunteered as a massage therapist at the Iron Man Triathalon in Kona, Hawaii. It was during this visit that she was blessed to have met the Kahuna Healer, LomiLomi Master Aunty Margaret Machado who intorduced her to the ways of the Kahuna healers and the spiritual practice of LomiLomi Hawaiian massage. This spiritual journey with traditional healers has been an ongoing passion and includes a BS in alternative healing with a focus on maternal-fetal health. Madeline moved back to Ohio in 2002 and became part of the integrative medical department of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. She also volunteers as part of the team for hisk risk pregnant women at MacDonald House, University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. Madeline offers her workshops/seminars in LomiLomi, prenatal and fibromyalgia at schools and hospitals around the country. LomiLomi is the foundation of all her work—it integrates body, mind, and spirit. It will benefit all those that receive from the premature infant to medically frail clients and to those patients preparing for their soul’s journey.

Mabel Dzata

Mabel Dzata, RN, CNM, is a midwife who lived and trained in Ghana, where she attended over 2,000 births. She has practiced as a homebirth midwife in the US since 1988. Mabel has attended many twin and breech births. She now works as a CNM.

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